List of High PR Dofollow Backlinks High DA Dofollow Backlinks

Dofollow Sites like blogs, websites, and directories allow dofollow backlinks to another websites.

Yes You Heard it Right, Dofollow Backlinks

The dofollow backlinks give link juice to your blog, adding to the Domain Authority of your website.

But it is very difficult to get such valuable links, especially from High DA Sites.

A Dofollow Backlink looks like this in HTML:

“<a href=””>Dofollow Backlink</a>”

A Nofollow Backlink looks like this in HTML:

“<a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>Nofollow Backlink</a>”

Link Building is a tedious process, but the hard work pays off in long-term.

How to Make Dofollow Backlinks

The answer is simple, be slow and steady, get dofollow backlinks from high PR dofollow sites.

And I can tell you with my experience that for low competition keywords or long tail keywords even a handful of High PR Backlinks can rank you higher in the Search Engines Results.

I am now compiling a list of such High Quality Backlinks Sources which offer Dofollow Backlinks. 

Along with the List of Dofollow Link Building websites, if you need to learn “How to Get Dofollow Backlinks“, don’t worry it is explained too.

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As the internet is ever-changing, many websites shutdown daily. It is very difficult for us to check the status of the websites listed here on regular basis, so we don’t assure that all links are working. We are human and errors are inevitable. If any of our readers found any discrepancies and dead links, please share your findings and suggestions through comments.


You won’t believe you can get a dofollow backlink immediately from a Domain Authority 100 website for free.

  • First register a Microsoft account with any email id of yours, you can even use a Gmail account. If you already have a Microsoft account then skip this step.
  • Login to your Microsoft account



  • Goto, and goto profile section and edit profile.



  • Now you can write your anchor text in “Link Text” box.
  • Add your link in the “Link URL” box.


You got your dofollow link on DA 100 Microsoft website.


You can add your website and RSS to New posts from your blog will automatically list on this blog directory from the RSS link you give in the details after they accept your application.


Alltop is a very high quality news aggregation site. It will only accept your submission if you have very good quality content on your website.

After acceptance, it will list your latest five posts published in last 28 days from the RSS link you give to them and give you dofollow backlinks to listed posts.

Google Sites

Google loves google. You can register a free google site with your google account and add all the links you want on the site.

All the links listed on this google site will be dofollow.


Golivewith is a video broadcasting service. You can add a dofollow link to your website in the profile section.


GrowthHackers is popular community and allows dofollow backlinks for your website and social pages or profiles on your profile. Other links are nofollow.


Storify is a storytelling themed blogging platform from livefyre.

You can use it to republish and introduce your blog posts to a different audience but textual links are nofollow.

But you can get a dofollow link for your blog in the profile section.


Diigo is a social bookmarking website.

All the bookmark links in your diigo account are dofollow. So don’t forget to add your blog post bookmarks in diigo.


Torial is a journalism and portfolio website. You can add your website RSS to your torial account.

The “Read more” button links to your blog post and it is dofollow. is a portfolio website. You can add a dofollow backlink to your website and blog posts in the website and Bio sections.


Imfaceplate is an internet marketing and branding portal. Your blog links and social links in the profile and the article sections are dofollow.


Github is a popular website. It provides nofollow links in the profile section. You can get dofollow links from in the repositories.

Create a new repository, you can use any name for the repository. You can specify your website URL in the URL field of the repository settings.

Also in the email section you can write the contact page URL of your website.

In this way you can get two dofollow links from a High DA website like Github.

Google Plus

Yes, Google also gives out Dofollow links. Just, create a free Google Plus Business Page.

Click on the Edit Profile Button, About me page appears. Click on the Manage Page button and add as many links as you want in the Links Section of the profile.

All these links are Dofollow. You can also add your social profile links to make them stronger.

I will update this collection regularly. So, subscribe to get updates.

List of High PR Dofollow Social Bookmarking Sites, High DA Dofollow Social Bookmarking Sites, High Quality Dofollow Social Bookmarking Sites

Social Bookmarking helps your content found and indexed very fast by search engines. Most of these social bookmarking sites are High PR and High DA. 

Internet is always changing and with the course of time the dofollow status of some of these websites can change.

But let me tell you that nofollow links are also important as they surely can drive an insane amount of traffic to your site. Matt Cutts explains this in video below:

List of High PR Dofollow Commenting Sites, High DA Dofollow Commenting Sites, High Quality Dofollow Commenting Sites

Blog Commenting is still an effective and easiest method of Link Building. 

Dofollow Comment Blogs offer a opprtunity for creating quality backlinks just by reading their articles and providing meaningful comments.

Most of these High Quality Backlink sources are moderated, so comment responsibly, as spammy behaviour can lead you to a permanent ban to that blog.

Don’t use automatic Link Building softwares and services as sooner or later they are going to land you in a Google Penalty.

Also make backlinks in a scalable fashion to look natural to Google.

Also, some of the sites listed below are Dofollow Commentluv blogs, it means you can promote your blog posts and at the same time get a dofollow backlink to your site and blog post.

List of High PR Dofollow Directory Submission Sites, High DA Dofollow Directory Submission Sites, High Quality Dofollow Directory Submission Sites

Dofollow Directories are my favorite as you just have to register to these and fill up your blog URL and RSS link.

Most of these directories pull your RSS and thus giving out a dofollow backlink to all your listed articles.

It works hands free as your content is shared and promoted automatically and you don’t have to do it manually for each article you write.

List of High PR Dofollow Forums, High DA Dofollow Forums, High Quality Dofollow Forums

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