List of High PR Dofollow Backlinks High DA Dofollow Backlinks

Dofollow Sites like blogs, websites, and directories allow dofollow backlinks to another websites.

Yes You Heard it Right, Dofollow Backlinks

The dofollow backlinks give link juice to your blog, adding to the Domain Authority of your website.

But it is very difficult to get such valuable links, especially from High DA Sites.

A Dofollow Backlink looks like this in HTML:

“<a href=””>Dofollow Backlink</a>”

A Nofollow Backlink looks like this in HTML:

“<a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>Nofollow Backlink</a>”

Link Building is a tedious process, but the hard work pays off in long-term.

How to Make Dofollow Backlinks

The answer is simple, be slow and steady, get dofollow backlinks from high PR dofollow sites.

And I can tell you with my experience that for low competition keywords or long tail keywords even a handful of High PR Backlinks can rank you higher in the Search Engines Results.

I am now compiling a list of such High Quality Backlinks Sources which offer Dofollow Backlinks. 

Along with the List of Dofollow Link Building websites, if you need to learn “How to Get Dofollow Backlinks“, don’t worry it is explained too.

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As the internet is ever-changing, many websites shutdown daily. It is very difficult for us to check the status of the websites listed here on regular basis, so we don’t assure that all links are working. We are human and errors are inevitable. If any of our readers found any discrepancies and dead links, please share your findings and suggestions through comments.


You won’t believe you can get a dofollow backlink immediately from a Domain Authority 100 website for free.

  • First register a Microsoft account with any email id of yours, you can even use a Gmail account. If you already have a Microsoft account then skip this step.
  • Login to your Microsoft account



  • Goto, and goto profile section and edit profile.



  • Now you can write your anchor text in “Link Text” box.
  • Add your link in the “Link URL” box.


You got your dofollow link on DA 100 Microsoft website.

Sonu Sharma

Sonu Sharma is an Entrepreneur, Growth Hacker and Founder @

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  1. This is really a good content Sonu, thanks for sharing such a wonderful information with us.
    I am trying to add my blog on blogadda but somehow I am not able to, I hope you could help me how to get it added since after adding, nothing happens.

    • Sonu Sharma says:

      Hi Pankaj

      Niche blogs with good content get accepted easily. Sometimes it takes a little more time for some blogs to get reviewed and accepted. You can contact them regarding the same if it takes too much time. Do contact me if you need any more help. Also subscribe, as this list will be updated regularly.

      Best of Luck and Happy Blogging.

      • I didn’t realize there will be a review process as well since there is no way I can check where did I submit my site. I guess I should wait until I hear from them.
        Thanks for the help, I have subscribed!

  2. jericdanao11 says:

    I have some questions when it comes to SEO, would this somewhat affect when it comes to organic traffic and would it really not be penalized by Google by its new updates? Kindly let me know. Thank you so much, Sonu! 🙂

    • Sonu Sharma says:

      Hi Jericdanao
      Creating backlinks on listed high DA and high PR websites, in addition to a valuable quality backlink, also offer more exposure to your websites and articles as these are high traffic websites. Promoting your website and content on these websites is a whitehat and widely used practice and least expected to be penalized by Google updates or any other search engines. Don’t worry, this method is perfectly safe. I also use the same SEO techniques which I recommend to my readers after testing the effects of these strategies over several months.

  3. Nitai Dey says:

    This list is really really very healpful for me. Thanks a lot.

  4. this what i am looking for to get the free back inks with nice top sites backlink lists thanks a lot for sharing this helped me a lot.

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    This is very helpful post to every blogger for make high pr backlink

  6. Hasan Khan says:

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  7. Shuvo says:

    Very very thanks for sharing this list for do follow backlink. Actually i am searching this type of list but i can’t get a good helpful list. But your list is very helpful for me. Really it helps me very much.

    Again thanks to you. I am waiting for your next update.

  8. ava says:

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  13. Jenny says:

    You’ve shared such nice information about the dofollow sites.

    And I checked the sites only some are not working except all are good.

    Can you please share some Dofollow Article, PR, Blog and Classified sites.

  14. Rocky smith says:

    very nice and detailed you covered everything in one place love to read your post but you are offering no follow links on your site

    • Sonu Sharma says:

      The profile pages on most of these websites have one or two dofollow links to the profile owner’s choice, so it is good for both the sites offering them and the profile owners.

      As you know is a blog and not a network site and thus we don’t have a profile area. If we provide dofollow links, then it will become practically impossible for us to manage the quality of outgoing links as each comment on every post will have a dofollow outbound link. So as the number of comments increase in a post, the number of outgoing links will also increase on a single post URL. More number of outgoing dofollow links on a single page or post makes it look like a link farm which can make the website of link provider and linked URL of the commenter look suspicious to google and both are extremely likely to be penalized. So by default all outgoing links on our blog are nofollow.

      This is also an SEO advice to everyone, few outgoing dofollow links are good for SEO but more of it will do a permanent damage to SEO efforts.

  15. Hello this is Prince Mahajan and i am working in the medical company which is Medical Tourism in India and i am working as the backlinker in the company and i am looking for the do follow backlinks websites on web from so many days and today i finally found out here.

  16. Zafar Yaqoob says:

    oH Wao Thank You so much for sharing this article I have created lots of dofollow Backlinks.

  17. Great Information for SEO Fresher

  18. Thank you for sharing this great article.

  19. Lots of Amazing Stuffs under a single roof.I am surprised all the Content are so helpful for Newbie Like me.Thanks for sharing such an Informative Links and article for Backlinks.

  20. Geekeasier says:

    Hi Sonu, your post has helped me alot in creating my blog, being provided with a list of sites, helped me to attain my success, thank u.

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    very informative sir, am trying to make as much backlinks as possible

  29. Jacob Orosz says:

    Great list of Do follow profiles websites. I used most of them which are working good. Highly recommended to those guys who really want to create awesome presence over internet.

  30. Thaks for the information

  31. Great list of do follow links. Some directories are expired domains but existing are great.

  32. David says:

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  33. suresh says:

    Thanks for sharing This Information very beneficial for me.
    But Sir, why is not this link, being copied.

    • Sonu Sharma says:

      Copying is disabled throughout the blog for content copy protection.

      You can manually type and open these sites. I know it is time consuming and it slows down the process of making backlinks, which is beneficial for SEO as these will look like naturally build backlinks.

  34. Twibbi says:

    I have tried, but the URL and Anchor Text don’t save.

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    It’s very helpful post for new person .
    I like your list.
    Thank you.

  37. Hi Sonu,
    Really helpful post. Bookmarking and will see minutely one by one.

    One question, search console is taking longer than usual to show the newly created links. For 2 weeks its almost not ticking ! What could be the reason pls?
    Anupam Majumdar recently posted…Free Fall versus Drag force-What you must know about Terminal VelocityMy Profile

    • Sonu Sharma says:

      The web is large and it takes time for the links to be found by search engine crawlers. Some times it takes very less time and sometimes ages. Remember, the sites with very high domain authority are crawled very frequently by search engine crawlers and they get found easily and rapidly. Sometimes you can see the backlinks in the search results of any keyword but still they don’t appear in the search console. So be patient, backlinking is a very slow and tedious process.

  38. thanks for is very helpful post.

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    Ấm chén bát tràng

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    Great list Sonu 🙂
    Allready made some nice backlinks.

  43. melroy pinto says:

    Hey there,

    Great post
    how can I know Backlink in comments is do follow or no follow??

    • Sonu Sharma says:

      There are some chrome extensions if you use chrome as your web browser like Nofollow, Nofollow SEO Link Highlighter, Strike Out Nofollow Links which can identify the nofollow or dofollow links on the opened webpage in the browser. In this way you can find out whether the links are dofollow or nofollow. If you use another browser, then there may be some other extensions for the browser.

  44. Ethan love says:

    Great list of sites sonu you have shared. I hope it will help me a lot in creating more backlinks for my website and get more google rankings and link juice.

  45. Jhon Simth says:

    I really thank full for you to sharing backlinks websites with us.
    How would i know about dofollow website and nofollow website backlinks

    • Sonu Sharma says:

      There are some chrome extensions if you use chrome as your web browser like Nofollow, Nofollow SEO Link Highlighter, Strike Out Nofollow Links which can identify the nofollow or dofollow links on the opened webpage in the browser. In this way you can find out whether the links are dofollow or nofollow. If you use another browser, then there may be some other extensions for the browser.

  46. Dorado says:

    Thank you a lot for sharing this content. It’s very useful to me as I am trying to build my site link. I could benefit a lot from this. What I have to learn is how can I get link to those sites.
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    Very helpful.
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    Thanks for sharing finally got the list I was looking for.

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  52. I AM QUIZ says:

    While searching on google about High PR Do Follow Blog Commenting Sites List I found your website. Your article about High PR Do Follow Blog Commenting Sites List is really amazing. Love the way you mention the whole list about High PR Do Follow Blog Commenting Sites List. Keep up the good work mate. Thanks for creating such a nice post, a good data for every beginner of High PR Do Follow Blog Commenting Sites List.

  53. KRISHAN says:

    Can i get do follow backlinks by comment?

    • Sonu Sharma says:

      Blog commenting is the most abused method of backlinking, so most of the sites don’t provide dofollow backlinks for avoiding spam links. You can get some but it depends on the blog.

  54. Mohammad Ali says:

    Hello Sonu Sharma,
    This Mohamamd Ali i’m huge fan of your work.
    So much so i want to include you in my roundup post.
    Thank You

  55. Pretty helpful material, much thanks for this article

  56. Hi there,

    This is really helpful & easy way to get free high pr do follow backlinks, but some of the sites aren’t working.

    Rest, all are pretty good.

  57. Guriya says:

    Thanks for sharing this informative post. It really contains a huge list and I am sure it will help bloggers putting hard efforts in link building. Good luck

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