How to Get Backlinks

Backlinks or inbound links are important for a website to get higher authority and rank higher in the search rankings. Only good quality links help in achieving the goal.

What is a Backlink?

How to Get Backlinks is a common question asked by many beginners and bloggers. I know what are you going through now because I was also there once.

In this Step by Step Backlinking Guide, I am going to share the best-kept secrets of SEO and Backlinking.

The best way to create quality backlinks is to create them manually as it may take ages to get them naturally.

Backlinking is a time-consuming and tedious process. But the hard work pays off. I have built backlinks to my blog using these methods.

The shortcut ways of backlinking may end up in a penalty. The most dangerous method of building inbound links is by using the automatic software.

Building backlinks too aggressively also hurt the SEO process. Remember Google has to roll out just one update to penalize those using these methods.

When a new Google update rolls out, many businesses who use dubious methods go out of business.

Keep in mind that a way of making shady backlinks is not in the blacklist of the search engines today but the very moment search engines came to know about such methods, they carry out an update to curb these malpractices.

The methods discussed below are best practices to make inbound links in the safest possible way. But don’t overdo anything, as search engines love natural backlinks. In link building, slow and steady still wins the race.

How to Get Backlinks?

Google considers over 200+ factors while ranking a webpage for a particular keyword.

But Inbound Links or Backlinks are most influential in this process.  I observed this while building backlinks for my blog

Within 4 months of launching my blog, I achieved Trust Flow (TF) Rating of 11 and Citation Flow (CF) Rating of 25 and Domain Authority of 15.

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The key points I took care of and you have to, while backlinking are listed below:

  • Firstly, keep patience, it will take time to get the results.
  • In creating high-quality backlinks, slow is better.
  • Don’t buy backlinks from anybody, no matter how trustworthy the seller and website is.
  • You have to create a lot of accounts on various websites, so choose a dedicated email address for creating and verifying these accounts.
  • Remember, most of the websites only accept email ids of well-known email services like Gmail, Microsoft and Yahoo, and not your branded email id like “[email protected]”.

As the internet is ever-changing, many websites shut down daily. It is very difficult for us to check the status of the websites listed here on regular basis, so we don’t assure that all links are working. We are human and errors are inevitable. If any of our readers found any discrepancies and dead links, please share your findings and suggestions through comments.

See what Matt Cutts has to say about Effective Backlinking techniques.


Commentluv is a WordPress plugin, used by various bloggers to attract the visitors to their blogs. The plugin enables the visitors to get a backlink to one of their own blog posts, thus becoming a good source to start the backlinking process to your blog posts.

Read the articles completely and carefully, and give useful comments as these comments are mostly moderated to keep the spam in control.

This method is beneficial for both the blog owner and the commenter, as blog owner gets loyal visitors and commenters get a backlink.

But sometimes commentluv links are not so effective, as some blog owners using commentluv plugin do not limit the number of comments on a particular blog post which leads to a number of outgoing links on a single page which downgrades the quality of backlinks.

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Too many comment links may look unnatural to search engines, so don’t go too far in building these. Don’t create these links too fast, keep it low-key. Try to get these links for different posts on your blogs from different commentluv blogs.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is a very good white hat method of creating inbound links if used correctly.

If you create guest articles on high-quality niche blogs with your relevant blog post links in the article itself and in the author bio section, it will give you strong high-quality backlinks as well as bring targeted traffic to your blog.

It is a difficult task to convince the bloggers to publish your guest post on their blogs. Firstly you should build a relationship with the targeted bloggers on their blogs by:

  • Reading and commenting on the blog posts
  • Actively following them on social networks
  • Signing up for the newsletter
  • Replying back suitably to their emails

In short becoming their loyal followers which will, in fact, enrich your knowledge too. After completing these tasks, pitch your article to the blogger. If your article is good, the blogger will accept the article.

Don’t try to pitch a substandard article, just write a fresh, unique, good quality article of a relevant niche with at least 800 words.

Broken Links

The Internet is huge. A lot of content pops daily and a lot disappears daily. Articles contain links to pages, if those pages vanish, the links to these pages go broken and that is a bad experience for the readers.

Bloggers do not want these broken links in their articles. But many bloggers have a lot of articles in their blogs containing a lot of links.

It is almost impossible for these busy bloggers to keep track of all the links. If you find broken links in their articles and suggest them suitable replacement links of the similar type as a loyal reader, you can gain a backlink by slipping a link to one of your blog posts as a replacement.


You can get a backlink from the high authority websites whose products you buy and use by offering a testimonial to their product on their website. Most sellers like to showcase testimonials to their products to attract the potential buyers.

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This is a win-win situation for both. Sometimes, these sellers also sweeten the deal by giving away free products, services, and support to the testimonial provider along with the backlink.

All these methods discussed here are manual, slow and tedious but in long-term give a strong foundation to your blog without compromising its quality index in search engines.

Now I am going to compile a list of Backlinking opportunities.

The Backlink sources listed below are a mix of profile backlinks, comment backlinks, commentluv backlinks, directory backlinks, forum backlinks, .gov backlinks, .org backlinks, .edu backlinks and many more.

Try to get backlinks from these websites in any possible way as it will boost your search rankings manifold.

Also, remember to make backlinks to all your articles and not all of them just to the homepage or any single post.

High-Quality Backlinks Sources


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