High DA/PR Social Bookmarking Sites

Social Bookmarking Sites include social networking sites, bookmarking sites, micro-blogging sites etc.

You can share your full blog posts, a summary of your blog posts, RSS feed of your blog and even just links to your blog posts on such websites.

Social Bookmarking Links

  • Create backlinks which are mostly no-follow backlinks but still valuable.
  • Increase the reach of the post to a large number of audience.
  • Brings traffic to your post in the initial phase of publishing when search rankings for higher traffic keywords are not achieved.

Interestingly, it is free and very easy to share your new blog post automatically to most of the High Domain Authority Social Bookmarking Sites.

Some of the websites take your RSS feed as input so that they always show links to some of your latest blog posts and hence make it easy for you to share and forget as once RSS link is submitted, the links to new blog posts are automatically created in these websites without you bothering to make them again and again.

The sharing of your latest blog posts to most of non-RSS submission based social sharing sites can easily be automated using software tools.

You don’t need any expensive WordPress Plugin or Paid SaaS (Software as a Service) to achieve automation for sharing.

The only tool you need for automated sharing of new articles on your blog is IFTTT, which is free. IFTTT stands for “If This Then That”. You can connect most of your Blogging site accounts and social bookmarking site accounts with IFTTT for cross-posting of your blog articles with the use of easily creatable IFTTT apps.

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The limitations of this tool are that with free services

  • You cannot schedule the sharing of the posts.
  • You cannot reshare the published posts.
  • Posts get shared as soon as they are published.
  • The connection of only one social account per network per IFTTT account. More accounts can be connected by creating separate IFTTT accounts.

Even with some limitations, this is by far the best free sharing automation tool.

Some of the most popular and high authority social bookmarking sites are listed below:


Facebook is extremely popular network which can bring insane amount of traffic to your blog post.

The blog post can be shared to your Facebook Profile, Facebook Page and/or Facebook Groups.

The sharing can be done automatically through IFTTT, Hootsuite, Buffer etc automation tools.

IFTTT can share a newly published blog post on your blog to Facebook profile, Facebook page but not on Facebook groups.

Sharing your blog post on Facebook groups can bring a lot more traffic but Facebook doesn’t allow automatic sharing to Facebook groups which are not owned by you.

If you try to use unauthorized apps for sharing your blog post to Facebook groups then your account may get penalized by Facebook.

So get registered in as many Facebook groups as you can related to your niche.

In some groups you can automatically become a member just by applying and in some groups your application may be moderated by the administrator for suitability to the group.

Once you become a member of any group you can manually share your blog posts to that group which may also be moderated in some groups.

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If you do not want to share your post manually yourself then you can hire a social media manager for doing so.



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